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Shane Mitchell
Animation and Artwork for Games

Experienced Games Developer, Animator and Artist.
Working in Games since 1999, as well as teaching and leading Games Art courses in Higher Education across the UK. 
Skilled in Motionbuilder, Maya and 3DS Max, experienced in keyframed animation and motion capture.
ZBrush Sculpting and polygonal modelling skills.

Published Titles

Titles as an animator :
Jumanji - The Video Game (2019) Funsolve

KillZone Mercenary (2013) Guerrilla Cambridge
DJ Hero (2009) FreeStyleGames
Buzz RoboJam (2007) FreeStyleGames
Buzz Monster Rumble (2007) FreeStyleGames
BBoy (2006) FreeStyleGames

Titles as an artist:
Urban Freestyle Soccer (2004) Silicon Dreams
Lego Island Xtreme Stunts (2003) Silicon Dreams
LegoSoccer Mania/ Football Mania (2001) Silicon Dreams
ToCA World Touring Cars / Jarrett and Labonte (2000) Codemasters.

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